Don’t Judge Me!


Don’t judge me. Not that you would ever do that. So many people think that just because I work for this organization that is engaged in the fight against childhood obesity that every time I see someone buying a grocery cart full of chips and soda I think to myself that they’re being stupid and loading their kids up with useless calories. I’m not thinking that. In fact, I really don’t care what you load up on.

There’s a saying that we pass around our house that, I think, was said to us when we had our first kid…. It has to do with raising kids: “Love ‘em for 10 years. Trust ‘em for 10 years. Leave ‘em alone.” It was told to us as it was told to the parent that told it to us, and probably told to the parent and the parent of the parent, so it has to have some merit, right?

I went into my 14 year-old’s bedroom the other night and he was lying in bed smoking, eating a bag of pork rinds, and drinking one of those large energy drinks. Yeah, I know, it was 11:00 pm and he was drinking an energy drink. I told him that the caffeine might keep him up all night, but he told me he knows what’s what. He IS, after all 14. I should trust him now. I DO love him.   

Don’t judge me. I tell you that I let my kid have an energy drink at 11:00 pm and you’re probably all, “Oh, what an awful parent!” Hey, I don’t let him drink my beer. That would be illegal. I love my kids and I trust them. They’re old enough to know better. In fact, they’re probably smarter than me. I know they learn that kind of stuff in health class at school. It’ll sink in sooner or later.

I read this study that came out recently that says that over 50% of parents with overweight or obese children are probably in denial about their kid’s weight. It also says, “Parents who underestimate their kids’ weight may not take action to encourage healthy behaviors that would improve their child’s weight and reduce their risk of future health conditions.”  Well, let me just say that this isn’t me. I tell my kids all the time that they should take better care of themselves, but you know kids. They just don’t listen. What are you gonna do?


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