June is National Fruit and Vegetable Month

June is National Fruit and Vegetable Month…. It also happens to be Candy Month. I don’t know if Candy Month has a “National” designation, but I suspect that, once again, candy is trying to persuade us into passing by those fresh fruit and vegetables that are so conspicuously placed at our eye level in the grocery store checkout lanes.

Fruit and Vegetable MONTH is all well and very good, but the annual vegetable holiday in our house usually falls in late May. We call this holiday “First Farm-Box Day”. “First Farm-Box Day “ is akin to Christmas in that we rejoice in ripping open that first box of the year from our local Community Supported Agriculture (Common Good Farm) and eating just picked radishes and still dirty lettuce! The rhubarb doesn’t even make it to the refrigerator before it’s transformed into one of the most delicious and eagerly anticipated rhubarb pies. Spinach, spring garlic and Napa cabbage salad make up one of the finest salads one could ever eat. Now this is worthy of celebration!

And the celebration goes beyond the month of June. In our house, Fruit and Vegetable Month lasts year-round. CSA farm shares change from week to week as the season progresses and the bounty that comes in the fall (potatoes, yams, squash) lasts well into late fall and early winter. The pesto we make and freeze from the summer basil and garlic lasts well into the spring as we anticipate the next “Farm-Box Day”.

So, during this National Fruit and Vegetable Month, celebrate your local fruits and vegetables. Join a local CSA farm. Visit a local farmer’s market. Eat local. Make Fruit and Vegetable Month Fruit and Vegetable Year. Dig in! It’s good!


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