Yard Signs

It’s the season of the yard sign. I’m not into yard signs. I consider myself an active voter and can be very opinionated about a variety of political causes and candidates, but I don’t do yard signs. I think political yard signs can divide neighborhoods and I don’t think that they influence people’s thinking.

The proliferation of candidate yard signs has gotten me thinking, however, about why we don’t see more positive message yard signs. I mean. If people are going to place what are, essentially, billboards in their yards, why not go for more yard signs that promote healthy neighborhood messaging rather than messaging that divides?


The ENERGY message yard sign is a great example of positive messaging that promotes health and wellness. You can go with the ENERGY message of empowering the movement. OR you can go with the stand-alone letters:

ENER_2014_02_A00115_Letters-Tagline_CMYK_EENER_2014_02_A00115_Letters-Tagline_CMYK_NENER_2014_02_A00115_Letters-Tagline_CMYK_E2 ENER_2014_02_A00115_Letters-Tagline_CMYK_RENER_2014_02_A00115_Letters-Tagline_CMYK_G ENER_2014_02_A00115_Letters-Tagline_CMYK_Y

Imagine the positive impact that such messages can have on entire neighborhoods. Yards staked with positive healthy messages rather than neighbor vs neighbor proclaiming their allegiance to candidate X or candidate Y who are promising to give us all Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz………


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