Water, Water, Everywhere

by Marie Woodhead

The topic of water has been on everyone’s mind lately.  There is water in our basements, flooding our streets, and breaching our levees.  It seems that water has seeped into nearly every aspect of our lives.  The overwhelming presence of water recently reminded me of the importance of consuming water in our daily lives.

Working full-time and being the mother of two active boys, life is busy.  My family often succumbs to a “grab and go” lifestyle.  When it comes to beverages, my kids will grab from the refrigerator whatever beverage is portable – soda, juice boxes, Gatorade, etc.  To add more water to our diets, I decided to keep the top shelf of my refrigerator stocked with water bottles.  This small change has caused my family’s water intake to increase dramatically.  Becoming healthier doesn’t always have to be hard work, simple actions can make a big difference.


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